Are you looking to hire a car shipping company? If so, you might be wondering whether or not to believe online reviews. After all, if a lot of people are saying a company is good or bad, it must be true, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

In this post, we discuss the truth about online reviews and how they can be manipulated by corrupt businesses. We’ll also provide some tips to spot fake reviews and avoid being scammed:

Are Yelp or Google reviews reliable?

It can be quite challenging to decide whether or not to take Google or Yelp reviews into consideration when making a purchasing decision. After all, reviews can be a useful tool for determining a business’ reputation and service quality. However, it’s important to be skeptical about them. Some people are incentivized to write positive reviews in order to rank higher on the website.

Similarly, negative reviews may not accurately reflect the quality of the service or product. That said, Yelp and Google do have automated ‘filters’ in place that test a review on several factors before publishing it. Some of them include:

Google’s Review FilterYelp’s Review Filters
Solicited reviews                                 Reviewer’ profile is not complete
Biased reviewsReviewer doesn’t have a social media integration
Also left reviewsReviewer only leaves positive reviews
Reviews from different accounts are coming from the same computer IPReviews from different accounts are coming from the same computer IP
Human moderatorsReviewer doesn’t have Yelp Friends

Although this serves as a shield to filter out most fake reviews, it’s still not enough as people can still find ways to manipulate the system. As for Google, there’s no strict filter, so it’s up to you to read the reviews and decide whether they should be trusted or not. We’ll tell you how to do this later in this article.

The point is that you should never blindly trust every review on Yelp or Google. Instead, use them as a starting point to get a general idea about a car transport company. Remember, not all auto shippers are equal and you may not get a positive experience if you go to a business based on a positive review alone.

Common types of Review Manipulation:

Review manipulation is a term used to describe the act of altering reviews in order to improve the rating or review score of a product or service. This can be done in a variety of ways, from offering incentives to paying people to write positive reviews.

It is crucial to be aware of the different types of review manipulation out there so that you can determine if it is happening with the reviews of the car transport company you’re interested in. Here are some common types of review manipulation:

Reviews are written by people who have an interest in the business

Fake reviews are often written with the business owner’s own benefit in mind. They may aim to make the business look better than it is, or they may try and deceive readers into thinking that the product is better than it actually is. The friends, relatives, and even employees of the business owner can leave fake reviews upon his/her request.

Fake reviews by competitors

Not all fake reviews are positive. Some are left negative intentionally. They can be fabricated as a way to discredit and damage the reputation of a rival business.

Incentivizing Customers to Leave Reviews:

These reviews are used to dishonestly boost a business’ rating on Google or Yelp. There are a few ways that businesses manipulate reviews – either by paying customers to write positive reviews or remove negative ones.

Paying Review Farms

The most common type of review manipulation is false claims – where someone tries to mislead others by making untrue statements about the product or service being reviewed. There are people who earn by leaving reviews online, and businesses purchase several reviews in bulk to be left on their Yelp 3profiles.

How Can You Know if an Online Review is Fake?

It’s always important to be skeptical of reviews. If an online review seems too good to be true, it probably is. Look for patterns in the review – is the person who wrote it always positive, or do they have a tendency to write negative reviews as well? Is the review persuading you rather than informing you?

If the answer is yes, then it might be best not to take the review too seriously and seek independent confirmation before making a decision. Here are some more tactics to spot fake reviews.

Beware of glowing endorsements

If a online review seems too good to be true, it probably is! People don’t just rave about a car shipping company unless that business is really really good. And if it is that good, it should have very few negative reviews.

Extreme Ratings

In cases where an individual’s review is extremely positive (or negative) like a 1 or a 5 star, compared to the rest, it might not always be accurate or unbiased.

Vague Story/Not Specific

When reading online testimonials, it is important to be skeptical and take them with a grain of salt. A review that is vague or poorly written can often mean the reviewer did not visit the business in question or purchased their service – meaning they are fake. In order to verify whether a review is fake, you should look for common mistakes made by fake reviewers.

These include poor grammar and spelling, incoherent sentences, lack of detail about the service i-e not having any names of company representatives, shipping date, area of pickup or delivery, or not mentioning the car’s model, etc. All these indications point toward the fact that this review is fake.

Reviews With Nicknames

When it comes to car shipping company reviews, it is important to be especially skeptical of reviews that have nicknames or are written in a strange or flowery language. This might seem like nothing more than harmless flattery, but there’s actually something fishy about them. Why would a person disguise their original name behind a nickname?

In addition, reviews with fake names are often planted by business owners in order to discredit other customers’ experiences and undermine the trustworthiness of online reviews. So if you’re ever suspicious of a review – don’t take the bait and assume that everything is alright just because it has a pretty name!

4 Ingredients of a Legit Review:

  • Presence of Images:
  • A Backstory:
  • Mention of Customer Service Rep’s Name
  • Specific details like car’s name, pickup and shipping destinations, and dates.

Should You Only Rely on Google or Yelp to Judge a Business?

When it comes to choosing a business to patronize, it’s important to take into account a variety of factors. One of which is the reviews posted on Google My Business and Yelp profiles of the car shipping company. Should you only rely on these reviews to make your decision? Not necessarily – although they are a valuable resource, these reviews should not be the only factor you consider.

Make sure to check the company’s BBB profile to get a better and unbiased view of their service quality. The less number of open complaints against them and the better BBB rating given, the better that car transport company serves its customers. Additionally, if you have any queries about the legitimacy of a review, always contact the business directly for clarification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Yelp and Google reviews?

Yelp and Google reviews are a form of online reviews that can provide customers with information about a business. They can also help business owners attract new customers and build positive relationships with customers.

What is Yelps algorithm?

Yelps algorithm is a computer program that ranks businesses based on their ratings, allowing customers to find the best local businesses.

What do Yelp reviews actually tell you about a business?

Yelp and Google reviews are a useful source of information for customers, as they provide an honest perspective on a business. However, review content can be biased, and businesses should take all reviews into account before making a decision.

How important are Google and Yelp reviews when making a decision about where to eat or shop?

Yelp reviews are often cited as one of the most important factors when making a decision about getting a service. However, its very crucial to take into account the context of each review and consider the reviewer’s personal biases before making a decision/


Are all Yelp and Google reviews reliable? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, some reviews do seem to be fake.

In order to tell the difference between a genuine review and a fake review, you need to be aware of the tactics of fake reviewers and common review manipulation types mentioned above. And don’t forget to check the BBB profile of the company.

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