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How It Works

Transporting a vehicle from Canada to US can be daunting. Canadian Car Shipping is here to help streamline the process and save you time and money. Once you request a quote, our agents will review your case and assess your needs and determine the best plan of action to meet them. Whether you're just returning a US Registered Vehicle to the US after an extended vacation or starting a Formal Entry process, we'll make sure that you have the correct customs forms, accurate pickup and delivery dates and locations, and a dedicated Account Executive to answer any questions that you may have throughout the Canada to US auto transport process.

Reasons For Transport

There are many different reasons that you may be transporting a vehicle into the US, but every reason falls under one of these categories. Knowing which reason applies to your case will allow us to expedite the process and get you the most accurate information from the start.

Returning To US

When your vehicle is registered in the US, and it's been in Canada for less than one year, your transport is considered a US Registered Returning Vehicle. This is most often the case with Snowbirds, people visiting Canada for an extended period of time, or vehicles transported temporarily for specialty repairs.

Temporary Import

A Temporary Import is a Canadian registered vehicle that is shipped to the US on a temporary basis for less than a year. This type of transport, like a US Registered Returning Vehicle, is most common with Snowbirds, extended visits, or specialty repairs.

Formal Entry

A Canadian Registered Vehicle that is being imported to the US permanently requires a Formal Entry. This includes relocation, corporate-owned vehicles, and vehicles for resale in the US. If a vehicle is corporate-owned, or if it's being imported for resale, a Registered Import is required. 

What Is A Registered Import?

If a vehicle is bring imported into the US as a corporate owned vehicle, or if it's being resold in the US, it must go through a Formal Entry, which includes a Registered Import. A Registered Import is a lengthy and meticulous process that involves specific paperwork, a speedometer conversion, and a 30 day hold in a Registered Import Facility. We're experts in all kinds of cross-border auto transport, and Formal Entry is no exception. Our experienced team will walk you through the entire process step by step, verify that all paperwork is in order, make any necessary arrangements for Customs, and answer any questions that you have.


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