Car Shipping from Vancouver, BC to Toronto, ON

If you are getting car shipping from Vancouver, BC to Toronto, ON, then there are a few important things that you have to keep in mind. You need to prepare your car before handing it over to the carrier to ensure the transit goes smoothly. Although there are many things that you can do, we have discussed the most important ones below:

Preparing the Car For Shipping from Vancouver to Toronto:

Have all Documents Ready:

When you are getting car shipping from Vancouver to Toronto, you might need to provide some documents to the car transport company. These can include:

  • Car registration papers
  • Insurance proof
  • Vehicle ownership proof or bill of sale if you’ve just purchased it
  • The original title of the vehicle
  • Identification like driver’s license

Although you don’t have to provide all of these docs with every car shipping, if it’s a long-distance one like from Vancouver to Toronto, the car carrier can get stopped for verification. Having these documents can avoid delays in verification.

Give Your Car a Bath and Document Damages:

You will have to wash your vehicle from inside out. Thoroughly wash the exterior and do not miss any spots. Do the same from the inside, everything should be in neat and clean condition. The reason for doing this is the preparation of the inspection report. When the car is properly washed, you will be able to see any existing scratches, dents, and damages.

Document all of the damages in the inspection report and have it signed by the carrier. This way, if the car arrives dirty or with some new damages, you can use it to report to get a free wash or compensation for the damages.

Remove all Valuables:

You are only allowed to ship up to 100lbs of personal stuff with the car. However, it is strongly advised that you do not ship any valuables inside the car and remove any existing ones. This is because the car will be insured under cargo protection, but the personal items inside will not.

So if they get damaged or stolen during the transit, you will have no one to hold accountable for and you will not get any compensation for them either. We also suggest that you remove any GPS, radio and antennae from the car, securely place them inside the trunk and lock it.

Have the Car Checked:

Get your vehicle checked by the mechanic before getting auto transport. You don’t want your car to leak oil or other fluids on cars parked under it on a hauler. Plus, the car should be ready to drive when it arrives and having it checked by a mechanic will make sure it is.

Also, if there are any loose parts like side mirrors or spoiler, have them fixed as they can fall out during the transit and can go right into other vehicles on the road, which can cause accidents. Also, turn off the alarm so it doesn’t go off during transportation, which can be annoying for the carrier.

Get Duplicate Keys:

Once you are ready to wave goodbye to your vehicle, get its keys duplicated and give the carrier the duplicate version. You need to do this because the carrier might need to move your car a few times during transit to make way for other vehicles.

But make sure to give him the duplicate keys and not your original ones so that if he loses them, you will have the original keys with you.

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