Shipping from the United States to Canadian Provinces

Many people need to ship their car from the United States to Canada, and vice versa. Canadian Car Shipping can transport your car from any state and ship it to any province or location within Canada. Not only do we transport cars, but also RVs, boats, buses, trucks and motorcycles. Our transport specialists are experts in helping customers ship their vehicles from the United States to Canada with ease. In addition to a stress-free auto transport, Canadian Car Shipping also assists customers with customs and services at the borders of Canada and the United States. Get a quote today by clicking the button above.

We are experts in the following kinds of car shipping scenarios:

  • purchasing a car in the United States and transporting it to Canada
  • work visas or people going off to college
  • moving to Canada through immigration
  • shipping cars to Canada from the United States for temporary promotions or repairs
  • transfers from the government

Trust Canadian Car Shipping for Auto Transport

Canadian Car Shipping understands just how extensive and time consuming car shipping can be. Trust our transport specialists to perform your United States to Canada transport with ease and safety. Call us at (800)266-2202 ext 305 today to receive more information and to also receive an auto shipping quote, free of charge.


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