Nova Scotia Car Shipping

Canadian Car Shipping can pick up your vehicle from your front door and transport it straight to the new location in Nova Scotia. We transport vehicles to Nova Scotia from anywhere in the United States in a form of transport known as door to door car shipping. Get a quote today by clicking the button above.

If you are similar to majority of our customers, then you are one of two options:

  • A person that purchased a vehicle in the United States but needs the car to be safely shipped to Nova Scotia.
  • A person that resides in Nova Scotia, with a need to have their car shipped home after a one way vacation to the United States.

A lot of people decide to transport their vehicle to Nova Scotia during each season of the year. Our car carriers go through various cities, such as Halifax and Amherst, on a daily basis. Because these are well traveled transports, the transports performed are able to be cost-effective. Canadian Car Shipping will have your car placed on an open-air or enclosed carrier, depending on what option you choose. For more protection, we suggest choosing enclosed. However, if you want the cheapest option for your transport, choose open-air.

Canadian Car Shipping doesn't just transport cars, though. We also transport RVs, motorcycles, buses, trucks and boats to and from Nova Scotia. You can stay stress-free, knowing Canadian Car Shipping is going to take expert care of your transport. We have the most cost-effective prices for our customers, and numerous 5-star reviews to back up our claims. Trust Canadian Car Shipping for your Nova Scotia auto transport.

Cities in Nova Scotia for Canadian Car Shipping

  • Halifax
  • Cape Breton
  • New Glasgow
  • West Hants
  • Truro
  • Queens
  • Lunenburg
  • Amherst
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