Ship a Car from Virginia to Canada

There may be an occasion when you need to ship a car from Virginia to Canada and you are not sure what the easiest way to do it is. You may have found the car you’ve always wanted or just be moving to a new home, but you need to get that car to Canada.

The experienced team members at Canadian Car Shipping will guide you through the process with a full-service approach, taking care of every aspect that needs attention. Your dedicated Account Executive is always on hand to help when you ship a car from Virginia to Canada.

Car Shipping Custom Solutions from Virginia

With so many different cars around, and customers who need different solutions, we provide tailored services to match your needs. Your Account Executive will find out what is important to you, and we will work to provide a solution that works for you.

How to Ship a Car from Virginia to Canada

When you ship a car from Virginia to Canada, the vehicle will need to cross the border between the two countries. To simplify the import process, we load the car onto a truck and take it to one of our yards on the border. Whilst the car is in the yard, a customs inspection will be performed to satisfy entry requirements. The car is then placed on a second truck to complete its journey.

There are two types of imports for cars, allowing the vehicle to be imported on a temporary or permanent basis. A temporary import is suitable for customers who will only be spending a certain amount of time in Canada, such as when you have a temporary job or are a student.

Temporary import regulations require that the vehicle is not be sold in Canada, so if youdon’t already own the car before importing it, it needs to change ownership within the US.

For permanententry, clearance must be obtained for crossing the border, and an importtax payment will be required. The costs will vary based on your personal circumstances, andwe’ll always help you to find the most appropriate way to import your car.

When you ship a car from Virginia to Canada, we’ll help you at every step, including simplifying processes and completing paperwork for you.

We will keep you informed of what will happen next, and we’ll make sure that nothing is left to chance when you choose Canadian Car Shipping.



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