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Are you shipping your vehicle to Canada from the US? Canadian Car Shipping is your one stop shop for importing a vehicle to Canada. We will arrange your transport, file any necessary paperwork for you, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

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United States Car Shipping

Door to door transport tends to be the most commonly used service for auto transport, especially in the United States. The United States has numerous commercial ports near the coastlines, with more ports being created every day. There are many things being shipped into the United States every day, such as freight and vehicles. Customers with Canadian Car Shipping send their cars and other transports to United States ports before being shipped to other foreign countries. All of this makes the United States have some of the most competitive prices in the auto transport industry and a staple in Canadian Car Shipping.

Door to Door Transport vs Terminal to Terminal Transport

There are two services that are more available in the United States. Those services are door to door transport and terminal to terminal transport. With door to door transport, the assigned car carrier will come to your desired pick up location and pick up the vehicle being transported. They will then transport the vehicle directly to the desired drop off location safely. With terminal to terminal transport, the owner of the vehicle being transported will take the vehicle to a local terminal. From there, the car carrier will pick it up and transport it.

Why Choose Canadian Car Shipping for Transport?

Our clients are always satisfied with our work. We transport majority of our customer’s cars to and from many major Canada and United States cities. We usually transport cars from Regina, Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Halifax and Montreal. We also transport cars to and from places like New York City, Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Boston, just to name a few. Our prices are some of the best in the business, with rates that have no extra hidden fees. Our prices include mileage, tolls, taxes, fuel, insurance and transport fees. We will even match the rates of our competitors, so long as their rate is in writing and matches our expertise and standards of service.

Auto Shipping in the USA|Canadian Car Shipping

Cost of Transport in the United States

You will save more money shipping your car than you will driving it cross- country. The cost to transport your car is dependent on numerous factors, including fuel prices, the changes of the season, the vehicle size, and supply and demand. In terms of supply and demand, it is important to note that car carriers will only transport a vehicle if they can make money off of it. If you are transporting a vehicle to a less populated location, try to have it transported to a major city nearby, so that you can save yourself a lot of money. The less populated an area, the less cars being transported there. The car carrier can rack up prices to be able to get the most money available in these scenarios. Always be cautious of this. Canadian Car Shipping will make sure to get you the most cost-effective transport possible.


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