Vehicle transport from Calgary, AB to Vancouver, BC

Getting vehicle transport from Calgary, AB to Vancouver, BC can make things a lot easier for you instead of driving the car by yourself. However, if you know some tips that only a few people know, you can make the transportation process a lot smoother and potentially more affordable. So that being said, let’s see the top 5 tips for vehicle shipping below:

Important Tips to Ship a Car From Calgary to Vancouver:

Check the Reviews:

This is the big one, and you need to research the company you are going to business with as much as you can. Start by reading reviews about them online. Every well-reputed company will have reviews from actual customers on the internet. For instance, if you are working with us, Google, our name ‘Canadian Car Shipping,’ and you will see our Google Business page on the right side. You can read the reviews people have left there about us.

Furthermore, you can check out our BBB profile, which is an organization that does a background check of every business registered with them and gives it a rating from A+ to F. The better the rating, the more credible the company is. Lastly, check the MC (Motor Carrier) number of the company on their website; only registered car shipping companies will have it.

Get Binding Quote (If Possible)

When you are getting a vehicle transport quote from a company, try to get a binding quote if possible. This is where the company will be bound to stick to the price they give you before shipping the car from Calgary to Vancouver.

Doing this can save you from falling victim to the traps of scammers who hook in the customers with dirt-cheap prices and then increase the total cost at the end of the shipping process.

Prepare Inspection Report:

If you want to have leverage against the car transport company in case your car gets any damages during the transit, then preparing an inspection report is the best way to do so. You need to have your car thoroughly washed and then inspect it for any additional damages; document all of them in the report and get the carrier’s signature on it.

Once the car is delivered, match its condition with the report, and if you see any additional damages, use the report as the basis of your claim and get compensated.

Ask for Discounts:

Many car shipping companies, including Canadian Car Shipping, offer special discounts to specific people like military personnel, AAA members, disabled people, seniors, students and so on. See if you fit in any category.

Besides this, do not settle for the first quote you get as there is always some room for a bargain. Try to get it down as much as you can but don’t pressurize as they might compromise on the level of service beyond that.

Get Additional Insurance (If Necessary)

If you are shipping a very expensive vehicle, only relying on the auto shipping company's cargo insurance might not be enough.

You can get GAP coverage, which basically covers the gap between the amount you are getting from the insurance company and the actual amount you need as compensation for the damages.

Final Words:

If you want to get vehicle transport from Calgary to Vancouver, we at Canadian Car Shipping will be more than happy to help you out. All you need to do is give us a call, talk to any of our team members, and receive a free car shipping quote. Once you book the service, we will set the wheels in motion (pun intended) to have your car delivered on time.

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