Auto Transport from Calgary, AB to Toronto, ON

If you are looking to get auto transport from Calgary, AB to Toronto, ON then before you ask for car shipping quote from companies, you need to know the things that go into calculation of the price. There are many things, and knowing them will help you adjust the cost by tweaking with different variables and bring the auto shipping cost within your budget. We have discussed everything below, so let’s get started:

How is Car Shipping Cost Calculated for Calgary to Toronto Auto Transport?

When you receive a car shipping quote from a vehicle transport company, a lot of variables are calculated at the backend before you are provided with an estimated cost. Some of the most important ones are:

Total Distance:

This is the biggest factor that determines how much you are going to pay. For instance, auto transport from Calgary, AB to Toronto, ON, can be lower than the cost to ship a car from Toronto to Vancouver because the distance between the former ones is 2700km while the latter places are over 4000km apart.

The longer the distance, the more fuel is burnt in transportation, and the more time and effort is required from the trucker’s end, so the cost obviously increases.

Car Type:

Another very important factor. If your car weighs less and has a smaller body, it will cost less to transport than the heavier and bigger car. This is because the carrier has limited space, so if your car takes more portion of it, the cost will obviously go up.

Similarly, the more load a truck carries, the more power it needs to move that load and this eats up the fuel faster. So if more fuel is burnt because of a heavy car, the owner of that car needs to pay higher.

Service Type:

There are two main car shipping services; A-Z vehicle transport and terminal to terminal auto shipping. With the former one, everything is taken care of from the transporter’s end. They will arrive at your provided location, pick up the car, and drop it at the exact location you provide. This type of personalized service comes with a higher price tag.

A cheaper option is terminal to terminal auto shipping. Here, you drop the car at the terminal of the vehicle shipping company, and they move it from there to their destination terminal. From there, you or someone you designate can pick up the car and take it to the final drop off location.

Car Shipping Method:

This is where you have options like moving a car via air, road, or sea. Air car transport costs more because it’s faster and jet fuel costs more as compared to a ship or truck.

On the other hand, if you opt for a truck or sea car shipping method, you will be charged less, but the delivery time can be longer.

Car Transport Container:

There are basically two kinds of containers; open and enclosed. The open container costs less because your car is parked on a hauler exposed to the external environment. This type of shipping is best for cars that are not very expensive and are used on a daily basis.

The enclosed container has a higher auto transport cost because your car is secured inside a steel container. Plus it has a higher insurance coverage so this type of shipping is best for expensive vehicles.

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