Auto Shipping from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB

When getting auto shipping from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB, there are certain things that everyone needs to keep in mind and some things that no one should do. We have provided a list of five of such things that will help you make sure the vehicle transport process goes smoothly. So if you are ready to roll, let’s dive right in:

Do’s and Don’ts of Auto Shipping from Vancouver to Calgary:

Here are some of the very important things that you should and should not do when getting auto shipping from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB:

Things to Do:

Inspect the Car:

Auto shipping from Vancouver to Calgary involves moving the vehicle to around 1000kms. This s a good amount of distance, so you need to have leverage against the auto shipping company so that they do not take the car for granted and treat it casually. That leverage is an inspection report.

You need to have the car washed from inside out so that you can see any damages it might already have. Note them inside the inspection report and have it signed by the carrier. Once the car is delivered, match the report with the condition of the car; if there are any additional damages, you can use the report to get compensation.

Communicate Your Needs:

Maybe you are shipping the car to Calgary because you are going there on vacation and want the car to be around you. Or maybe you need it shipped there because you are relocating to Calgary. OR, you might have sold it to someone there and need to get it delivered on time.

Whatever your reason is, make sure to discuss your needs with the vehicle transport company so that your schedules are not messed up with late deliveries or unexpected delays.

Research the Company:

When you are getting quotes for car shipping service from multiple companies, you need to vet all f them to ensure they are the real deal and not some middlemen or even scammers. For this, Google their name and see the reviews left by people on their Google Business profile appearing on the right side.

Furthermore, check out their BBB reviews and rating to ensure they are the real deal and not someone who has a bad reputation.

Things Not to Do:

Don’t Compromise Over Quality:

Do not compromise the quality of auto transport service over the price. This means that do not go for too good to be true kind of deals. These deals are exactly too good to be true. You will be presented with a dirt-cheap car shipping quote when you contact a company, and you will think that you’ve hit the jackpot. However, it’s them who’ve hit the jackpot.

Once you book the service and the car is delivered, the final cost will be significantly higher. You will be presented with a section called ‘hidden charges’ or ‘additional costs’ as a justification for this insane increase. Therefore, go for the well-reputed and trusted companies even if you have to pay a few bucks more.

Don’t Leave Any Valuables Inside:

Although car transport companies allow you to put up to 100lbs of personal stuff inside the car, DO NOT ship valuables inside it. The reason is simple; the insurance coverage protecting your car during transport doesn’t cover personal belongings.

So if your valuable items get stolen or damaged during the transport, you will not be compensated for them, and there will be no one to hold accountable.

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