It’s a dilemma for many people wanting to ship vehicles from Canada to the US. They want to know if they can save money by shipping more than one car from Canada to the US. If you also have this question in mind, then yes, you can save money when you ship multiple vehicles from Canada to the US. The idea of multi-vehicle shipping to another country may sound complicated, but getting it done in an efficient and effective manner is not.

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Learn how you can run through this process in just four easy steps to make sure you save time, hassle, and money by addressing the most critical issues that most people come across:

Find The Right Car Transport Company:

The first thing that you need to do is find a good car transport company that can give you a competitive car shipping quote. It is important that you look for a reliable company that has been in business for many years and has experience in providing car shipping services for multiple car shipments.

You can use the Internet to search for reputable car shipping companies, or you can ask your friends and family for recommendations. Also, try doing some research on car transport companies in your area and see their reviews.

Once you have a list of some companies, check out their website to see what kind of customer service they provide. If you have any concerns or questions, you should be able to call them directly to get more information.

Once you’ve selected a car shipping company, the next thing you should do is inquire about insurance, will they cover all your vehicles going through them. If so, how much is the coverage amount, and what perils do they cover.

Try Negotiating For Discount:

The best way to save money on multiple car transports from Canada to the US is by negotiating with the car shipping company. You can start by asking for a free quote on a single car (don’t tell them you’re planning on sending multiple vehicles). Most car shipping transporters offer free quotes online and on-call.

Once you have a single quote from all companies, ask for multiple car transport quotes. If the price of moving one car in the quote you get for the entire shipment is lower than what you were quoted for a single vehicle, you’ll know if they’re actually giving you a discount. Most car shipping companies offer multiple car shipping discounts; we suggest going with the one that has a balance of excellent reputation and rates.

Be Prepared:

It is critical to have a good plan when it comes to shipping multiple vehicles from Canada to the US. This includes having the cars checked for any mechanical problems like leaking fluids and loose parts.

Next, be sure to have the correct paperwork, documentation, and other items in an order, including proof of ownership, sale deed, title, insurance proof, and anything else the transporter asks for.

Prepare an Inspection Report:

Have all the cars washed up so you can see any existing damage and then document every single scratch, bump, dent, and other damages in an inspection report. Take multiple pictures and write each car’s number plate on its respective picture. Once that’s done, get the carrier’s signature on the report and hand over the vehicles to them.

When you receive the cars, check them and match their condition to the inspection report and pictures; if everything is exactly the way you left, then that’s great. If there are any new damages, file a claim to get compensation.

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