If you are eager to cart your car from Canada to the United States, it is important that you understand some basics about customs, preparing your car, hiring the right company, and so on. Shipping can be a very confusing process. The right way to ship a vehicle to the United States is not always clear.

Customs and Cross-Border Car Shipping|Canadian Car Shipping

Here, we have compiled a comprehensive guide that covers the essential topics you need to know before sending your vehicle from Canada to the United States. Read this guide till the end to make your car transport process smoother.

Check Your Car’s Mechanical Integrity:

Before shipping your car to the United States, you should check its mechanical integrity. Make sure that all the major components are in working order. You can do this by contacting an auto mechanic and asking him/her to perform a full inspection. If your car passes this inspection, then you can proceed with your car shipping to the United States.

Moreover, have your car fully washed and inspected for any damages. You can note these damages in an inspection report to ensure there are no new damages when the car reaches the U.S. If you discover any, you can file a claim with the company using that report.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items:

When preparing your car for shipment to the United States, you need to remove any unnecessary items. This includes the following: gas cans, tools, electrical equipment, documents, clothes, food and beverages, toiletries, and personal items. 

Doing this will ensure your vehicle is free from any kind of unwanted items that may get lost or damaged during the transit. Anything that is necessary, like GPS or radio, can be safely locked inside the trunk.

Turn Off the Alarm:

Turn off your alarm before transporting the car because if it goes off during the transport, the driver may have to break the window to turn it off.

Since vehicles are parked in very close proximity, it can be impossible to open the door and get inside without having to stop the truck and unload most of the vehicles first.

Get the Documents Ready:

It is imperative to have every piece of document required to ensure your vehicle passes through the customs. You can check out the U.S customs website to find out more about this, but your vehicle shipping company will know what’s required. Ask them everything they need beforehand and submit the copies to them when they come to pick up the vehicle. The documents typically include:

  • Sale deed (if you’ve just purchased the car and moving it to the U.S)
  • Original Title
  • Identity proof (Driver’s license, passport, or I.D. card)
  • Insurance Proof
  • Proof of ownership

Have a Set of Key Ready:

The car shipping carrier will load and unload your vehicle throughout the journey, either for inspection at the border or for moving other cars around. So make sure to give them a copy of your car keys.

Also, empty your gas tank and leave just enough for you to go to the nearby gas station to have it filled up. This is necessary to reduce the car shipping cost as more gas means more weight, and that means a higher cost to ship a car.

Parting Words:

Moving your vehicle from Canada to the U.S is not difficult if you have the complete paperwork and a professional car transport company working for you. The only thing you need to be careful about is who you hire to move your car. Are they reputable and experienced enough to take your car all the way to the U.S?

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