Canada To Florida Car Shipping

Are you wondering why so many people go to Florida in winters and come back in summers? Or maybe you are curious to know why auto transport companies are so busy moving cars to Florida throughout the year? Well then this guide is just for you.

You will find out why Florida is the most popular state to ship a car from Canada and how you can get car delivery service if you want to get to Florida as well. So feel free to read it till the end:

It’s Best For SnowBirds During Winters:

One of the reasons why Florida is the most popular states of the U.S for people coming from Canada is its temperatures and environment. Canada is a very cold country and during the winters, its temperatures drop from chilling to freezing. This makes many people, especially the senior citizens, to migrate to places with a bit warmer climate. Fortunately for them, Florida offers the perfect environment with the mixture of cold and warm that they like to enjoy.

Since extreme cold temperature brings allergies, flue and other problems with it, people migrate to warmer climate of Florida for health purposes as well. So because of these reasons, hundreds of people move from Canada to Florida for a few months and when the winters are over, they fly back to their homes.

Now since the weather is already rough in Canada during the winters, people don’t take the risk of driving their cars on the icy roads or sometimes, snow filled tracks. Instead, they hire vehicle shipping companies to ship their vehicles to Florida. This is the biggest reasons why Florida is the most popular states for auto transportation.

Lots of Amenities for the Visitors:

Another reason why so many people move their vehicles to Florida from Canada is the amenities that they enjoy in there. Yes, there are many other states with warmer climates that Canadians can go to during winter seasons but Florida is their number 1 choice because of the amenities that they can enjoy during their stay. Things like golf courses, recreational parks, zoos, shopping malls, and especially the vibrant nightlife make Florida very attractive for tourists.

So people who move to Florida for vocational purposes bring their car with them as well and enjoy cruising through the wide and spotless roads of the state to reach their favorite attractions.

It Has Beautiful Beaches:

When a bit of warmer months are near, things start to get a bit hot for Canadian people as they are used to colder environments. So to cool off, they swing by the beaches of Florida as well. The mesmerizing view and relaxing water takes away all of their tiredness from staying away from home for a few months and they get ready to head back home.

So the presence of beaches is also another reason why many people prefer to visit Florida and bring their cars via auto shipping as well. They get to enjoy the environment, temperatures, attractions and beaches of this beautiful states.

Final Words:

If you are also planning on moving your vehicle to Florida for a few months or permanently, you can always get in touch with us. We will provide you with the best car transport service at unparalleled rates.

Just call out team, ask them about the car shipping quote and when you are ready, make the booking, we will make sure that you enjoy the snowbird season in Florida with your car parked outside your place of stay.


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