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If you don’t know, BBB is the most trusted business accreditation platform out there with a database of thousands of businesses. Every online consumer’s journey once crosses paths with the BBB platform where they check the rating and reviews for a particular local or online business. So if you want to know what BBB is and why you should leverage it to hire a car transport company then read this guide till the end.

What is BBB?

Short for Better Business Bureau, BBB is an organization that connects consumers with credible businesses. They also run thorough background checks on companies that are a part of their database. This way, it gets easier for the customers to trust a company rated by BBB and they can safely carry out business with them.

The businesses that list themselves in the BBB database need to go through a vetting process and abide by the Code of Advertising and Code of Business Practices provided by BBB. Once this process is done, BBB rates the company from A+ (highest) to F (lowest). The BBB rating is given after the consideration of various factors including:

  • Time in business
  • Licensing
  • Customer reviews
  • Transparency of business
  • Advertisement practices

And so on. Looking at the BBB rating can provide the customers with a better idea of whether to deal with a car transport company or not.

Importance of Hiring BBB Accredited Car Shipping Company:

You Get Social Proof:

The main benefit of working with auto shipping companies that are BBB accredited is that you get a social proof. You can view the reviews left by people and the complaints they’ve had with the company.

Now based on this data, you can decide if working with the following company is worth your time and money. Since you will know both the good and bad of the company, you can make decisions pretty easily.

Risk of Getting Scammed Becomes Zero:

The companies listed on BBB have a rating as mentioned above. This rating is given to them by BBB itself which is why you can trust it completely. If the rating is not satisfactory, like near F, you will know that this vehicle transport company is not worth the risk.

However, if the company has a good rating like above C+ or close to an A then you will know that doing business with the following company ensures better value for money.

Tip: if a company offers a bit higher price than rest of the companies, compare its BBB rating reviews with other companies, if rest of them have lower rating, then it is worth paying extra few bucks.

Thorough Background Check:

When it comes to customer reviews, they can easily be manipulated by getting fake reviews. But the good thing is that BBB doesn’t completely rely on customer reviews. And since it is a registered organization, no one can pay their way into their good books.

The team at BBB carries out an extensive background search and if they find any dirt on the company, it is reflected onto its BBB rating. So when hiring a company with a good BBB rating, you will have peace of mind that you are making the right choice.

Strict Requirements for Businesses:

Besides BBB doing its own research to accredit a business, there are some very stringent codes that the business needs to follow as well to be indexed in the BBB database. The business needs to follow the Code of Business Practices before it can be accredited.

Furthermore, every business needs to carry out honest and accurate advertising and fulfillment of every promise that they make. Any complaints regarding false advertising will drop the rating.

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