Enclosed Car Shipping From The U.S. to Canada

Are you looking for some information on enclosed car shipping? Maybe you are transporting your favorite car for the first time and are a little concerned about its safety? Well, you can make a better decision if you know what enclosed car shipping service is and whether your car falls into the category of the vehicles that need it. So that being said, let’s see some reasons why you need enclosed car transport from the U.S to Canada:

Types of Cars Fit for Enclosed Container:

When you think of getting an enclosed car shipping service, you should first see if you even need it in the first place or not. Not every car will require this kind of specialized shipping; here are a few car types that usually require enclosed shipping:

  • Expensive/Sports Cars
  • Collectible/Classic Cars
  • Vehicle Fleet
  • Luxury Cars

Why Choose Enclosed Container From U.S to Canada Car Shipping:

Theft Protection:

Although open container shipping is a safer option as well, it still has slight chances of theft. Since the routes of states from the U.S to Canada have thousands of km distance, the truck driver has to stop somewhere to sleep or eat.

Someone with the right tools can always steal any part of the cars. Though it doesn’t happen frequently, there is a possibility.

However, if your car is parked and locked inside a thick steel container, the chance of theft reduces to nearly zero.

Weather Protection:

Weather can quickly change from bright sunshine to rain like cats and dogs. Some northern areas can even see snowfall. So if your car is parked inside the enclosed container, it will be safe from all of these elements.

Rainwater can seep inside the car’s parts, or dust can get mixed with rainwater and create a muddy layer on your expensive car.

Damage Protection:

When moving cars up and down at the time of delivery or pickup in an open carrier, slight mishaps can happen, which can result in small scratches or dents.

Though this doesn’t happen because the transport crew is well-trained and knows the consequences of damaging any customer’s car, there is still a slight risk.

You can, of course, take this risk with a regular car, but an expensive ride should be kept safe even if the risk is just 1%.

Door to Door Service:

Enclosed car shipping usually comes with A-Z shipping, which means the vehicle transport company will pick up the car from your given location, load it into the container, and drop it off at the destination. You won’t have to drop it at their terminal and pick up from the destination terminal.

This kind of service reduces the liability on your end and also provides you with higher convenience as you won’t have to designate someone at the receiving end to pick up the car.

Peace of Mind:

When there is higher security and absolutely no risk, you will automatically be feeling a sense of comfort and peace. You’ll be able to properly focus on your daily tasks knowing your expensive ride is receiving the best treatment from the crew of auto transport Canada company.

Plus, you can always contact the company and enquire about the progress of the transportation process, so you are always aware of everything.

Final Words:

Granted, with the enclosed carrier, the cost to ship a car increases but spending those extra bucks can get your car maximum safety and security. Plus, you will sleep better knowing your expensive vehicle is in safe hands. Just make sure to work with a professional and reliable car shipping company, and you will be fine

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