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Are you buying a new car in the Canadian auto market but don’t really know where to start or how to execute the whole process? Well, don’t fret, we have a small checklist that you can use to carry out the whole process from buying the car to getting a car shipping Canada company to drop it on your home. Read on to know more:

Figure Out the Finance Options:

Before you walk into a dealership store, the one thing that you need to have figured out more than anything is your finances. Buying a new car is really a big deal and requires a considerable amount of investment. So you need to have all finance options sorted out.

Decide if you will be willing to pay upfront or in installments. If you go for the second route, then you need to figure out which bank you will be working with, what their loan options are, how much down payment will you be paying and how much will be your monthly premium? Make sure that you have the financing sorted out in advance so you have a clear idea of the budget.  

Do a Market Research:

New car market is massive these days, and that means there are hundreds of models with varying features, looks, and other specifics. You can easily find yourself flabbergasted with the range of options if you don’t know specifically the type of car you want. So make a mental map of the things you would like in a car according to your budget.

Now hit the internet and try to find a car that matches the things you want in it or is close to them. Have the model figured out before you can get to the car dealership. We suggest that you do not solely rely on the car dealership salesman to suggest one because some of them are after their commission.

So they might suggest the car that gives them the highest commission, not the one that gives you the highest comfort.

Engine Type:

Stemming from the last point, it is imperative that you also decide the type of car you want in terms of its powertrain. Do you want to have a car that runs on petrol or diesel? Maybe you want to go completely electric?

Petrol and diesel cars will, of course, be cheaper than the electric ones, but if you are environmentally conscious and electricity is cheaper in your area, then you can explore this option as well. If you can’t make your mind then going for hybrid might be the right choice for you.

Test The Car:

Now, if you have narrowed your search down to a single car that you find really appealing in terms of features, power train, exterior, and everything, then there is one thing left to do, and that is the test drive. Now when you hear the words; ‘test drive,’ you might think of driving the car for a few minutes from the dealership and then coming back and making the purchase. But this is not what we are talking about. There is a little hack that can potentially save you from a wrong decision.

We suggest that you find the exact similar model at a car rental. Rent it out for a day or maybe more than that. Now thoroughly drive it, test it from every nook and then decide if you like the car. If the result after a day or a few days is the same and you still want to go with that car, then you can purchase it with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Over to You:

Once you have sorted everything from your finances to car’s warranty, insurance and have also taken the test drive, all that remains is hiring a top car shipping Canada company to get it to your location.

Do this if there is a lot of distance from dealership to your home, or if you want the car to safely arrive at your home.

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