When you are planning on buying a car, the thought of purchasing it in the U.S might cross your mind, and you might wonder if it is a good idea or not. Well, to help you find out the answer, we have prepared this guide.

We will also tell you if, after buying a car in the U.S., you should ship it using auto transport companies or drive on your own. That being said, let’s start:

Why Buy A Car from the U.S?

  • Sometimes Cheaper: Sometimes, the prices for a particular car, used or new, can be cheaper in the U.S depending on the currency exchange rate. Plus, the taxes in Canada are higher than in the U.S, which increases the overall cost for a car purchased domestically.
  • You Might Find a Collectible: the U.S has several times more population and car enthusiasts than Canada, which is why you might find a limited edition car there that you have to have in your collection.
  • Maybe You Are Inheriting It: Maybe an unfortunate demise of a loved one leaves you with their car, and you want to respect their wish and import it.

Shipping Your Car from the U.S to Canada:

Purchasing the Car:

When you are purchasing the car in the U.S, you will have to either pay from your own savings, which is the most practical and easiest approach, or you get some financing.

The problem is that Canadian nationals do not get financing from the U.S banks, so you will have to work on some kind of deal with the seller.

Or, if you have a property in the U.S., you can get home equity loan and pay for your vehicle with that money.

Registering the car:

Your car will be subjected to state vehicle registration laws, so make sure to check for them depending on the state. You also need to check for the registration laws of your state of residency. Also, check if you need a driver’s license for the particular U.S state, or your Canadian one will be enough.

In general, to register your car, you most likely need to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle, proof of a U.S. address, proof of insurance and a driver’s license.

Dealing with Customs:

Depending on the vehicle’s age, you might have to make some modifications to pass safety inspections and laws.

There will also be some registrations done from the registrar of imported vehicles. Check out this website to know in detail.

Should You Ship or Drive?

Now the question that comes to the minds of many who are importing their vehicle into Canada is, should I ship a car or drive it? If we look at things rationally, then driving it by yourself will save you a couple of hundred dollars.

However, it will come with hundreds of miles of driving, finding accommodation on the way, and dealing with all the custom processes by yourself, which on its own, is a big pain.

On the other hand, if you go for a car transport service, then you might have to pay a few hundred bucks more, but you will have peace of mind, you won’t put any effort into driving it on your own and most importantly, the carrier will help you with the customs’ paperwork.

Over to You:

So if you prefer to save some money at the expense of your time, effort, and hassle of dealing with paperwork, then go for the DIY route.

Otherwise, choose vehicle transport companies to do the laborious work for you while you relax at home eating pancakes topped by maple syrup.

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