Are you looking to transport your vehicle abroad? Maybe you are thinking of shipping your vehicle to Canada from an international location. Before importing or exporting, make sure you consider all the laws for shipping cars and other vehicles to and from Canada. Always make sure you get ahold of your local government to verify all the laws. How you wish for your shipment to take place, in relation to how you want to transport your car, should be a top priority.


Exporting from Canada

There are two choices to decide from when transporting a vehicle to international locations from Canada. Your first option is for your vehicle to be transported to the nearest loading port in a form of shipping known as domestic transport. Majority of the popular transports are sent to the United Kingdom. However, enclosed transport in the form of containers is another option for numerous international locations.

Your second option is in-bond transport with the United States. Basically, you would ship your cars to the United States before transporting it to another country. This is due to the United States having more port options than Canada does.

Importing to Canada

There are two choices to decide on when shipping a car to Canada from international locations. The best option is for Canadian Car Shipping to transport your car to the closest loading port, whether it is near the border or inland. Shipping a vehicle from the port to your location is easy to achieve and also painless, giving you enough time to de-stress. Transporting the vehicle professionally with us gives you the freedom to not have to drive your car personally to the port.

Your second option is easy as well. This choice is to transport your car to the United States through in-bond shipping. This choice is more cost effective than transporting directly to Canada. Canadian Car Shipping wants to make sure your shipment is as painless as possible. We can also aid with Customs when transporting your car to Canada from the United States.

Types of Transport for International Car Shipping

The most beneficial form of transport is roll-on, roll-off transport. This form of transport is when the vehicle is being transported by driving the vehicle onto the transport and then driving it off after the transport is complete. This is the most common form of transport for international car shipping.

Another form of transport loading is less-than container or consolidated loading. This form of transport is when your vehicle is shipped to a specific place to be packaged and braced into a transport container. The container is then transported with three other containers and sent to the loading port, where it is then transferred to your wanted destination. Once it reaches your destination, the container is removed and taken to another location to be opened.

Yet another form of transport loading is a full container load. With this form of transport load, multiple vehicles are placed in the same container and are usually for the same person and going to the same location. This form of transport is primarily for cargo loads but can also be used for vehicles.


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