When you are shipping an automobile from the United States to Canada, you might have a lot of things to consider. The first one is knowing how to find the best way for shipping a 69 Mustang from the USA to Canada.

After all, you need to keep your car safe if you ship it on a long distance. It’s like sending your child from one country to another without proper pediatric care. A sweet ride like a mustang is no less than a baby to its owner, and to ensure it arrives just the way you left it, you need to go through this guide.

Some Important Considerations When Shipping a 69 Mustang From The U.S to Canada:

Choose The Right Company:

Before hiring a car transport service to move your 69 Mustang, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure your vehicle arrives safely and you don’t get scammed out of your hard-earned money:

  • Ask Around: You can use the internet to look up reviews on the car shipping company you want to hire. If you see a lot of positive reviews, you know they are legit. You can also ask your friends or family if they have ever shipped a car before. They will be able to tell you which company they used and what their experience was like.
  • Check The Insurance Coverage: If you are shipping a 69 Mustang from the USA to Canada, you need to make sure the car transport service you hire has insurance coverage. You want to make sure that if anything happens to your car, they will cover the damages. Also, check the insurance coverage amount offered by the car transport company to ensure it is enough to cover your car’s value.
  • They Should Specialize in Shipping Classic Cars: The car transport company should specialize in shipping classic cars. If not, they might not have the tools and equipment needed to ensure the safety of your car. You want to make sure they have a lot of experience in shipping classic cars.

Try Going for Enclosed Carrier:

This cannot be stressed enough, especially when you’re transporting a car like 69 Mustang. Yes, you can move it on an open carrier, but because of its age and market value, it will be a big risk. A slight dent can result in thousands of dollars in loss, and you may also not be able to find replacement parts easily.

So we suggest going for an enclosed carrier as the car will be protected from all sides and no amount of rain, dust, or dirt will make its way inside. Plus, if the trailer gets into an accident, chances of your car getting damaged will be lower than those standing exposed on an open carrier.

Thoroughly Inspect the Car:

Before shipping the car, prepare a detailed inspection report to ensure the vehicle arrives safely and in the condition, you left it. First, you should have it washed and then take lots of pictures and make videos.

Make sure to document the car’s current condition in an inspection report and have the carrier sign it before picking the car up. This way, if there are any new damages, later on, you can file the insurance claim with the car transport company and get compensated.

Parting Words:

Mustang 69 is a classic car that should not be sent in a regular container. Be sure to hire a car shipping service provider specializing in classic vehicle transport and can offer enclosed container shipping.

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