It is pretty common to assume that an industry is bound to face problems at one point or another. Auto transport is no exception to that. There are many steps to auto transport, so it’s no wonder when mistakes happen. It is imperative, however, to learn how to avoid these common problems. Customers should be willing to learn the ins and outs of these problems so that you can find ways to fix them before they arise.

Problem #1: Last-Minute Booking

Things happen. You faced an unexpected death in your family and lost track of time. Or perhaps you just got hired at a new job and they need you to start in a few weeks a few states away. Whatever your reason for booking last-minute, time is usually not on your side. Auto transport is a time-sensitive situation. Booking with a carrier can take at least a week at minimum, and then the time it takes to travel can add a time-length longer than what you may need.

In these scenarios, make sure to talk to your auto transport broker about expedited or priority shipping. With priority or expedited shipping, time can be crunched so that you can get your car quicker. But keep in mind, though, that traveling expedited could mean traveling on a lesser traveled route. Lesser traveled means less carriers available. It may be harder finding someone willing to pick up your car. But it is not impossible.

Problem #2: Vehicle is Unintentionally in a Bad Condition

You have to move across the country and realize that you have to get your car there. Only issue is that the car’s battery just died and you didn’t realize until after you booked a transport. Wrongly claiming facts about the vehicle is usually unintentional. However, there are instances where it is intentional, like booking a shipment for a standard car when your vehicle is really the size of a van. Carriers only have so much space at a given time. Throwing a bigger car at a carrier unexpectedly can be considered unwise and problematic.

To avoid this issue, ensure you check the vehicle to make sure it runs smoothly. Make sure you have the right dimensions. Give every detail you are able to give to your transport specialist so that they can make sure they are able to find you the right car carrier to dispatch your transport to.

Problem #3: You are Unavailable During Transport Time

Planning a transport takes a lot of dedication. You have to make sure you have the time frame it takes to get your car where you need it to go. You can’t just book your available date as today if your first day available to pick up the vehicle is four days from now. 

Keep track of the dates you are available to avoid this issue. You do not want to say the wrong day and then not be there when the carrier is ready to pick up your vehicle. Once your car is dispatched to a carrier and scheduled for pickup, ensure you are ready to be there to hand the car off. Otherwise the transport cannot take place.

Problem #4: Vehicle is Not Ready

You have everything all set. Your car details have been given to the transport specialists. You have all the paperwork filled out. The carrier has been chosen and your car is ready to be dispatched. One problem though. You haven’t paid for your car yet and don’t actually have the right to ship it until you do so.

To avoid this kind of scenario, do not book a transport until a car is actually in your possession and ready to be shipped. If a car isn’t at the pick up location, how can it be picked up and delivered to you? The vehicle should honor all the details you give to a carrier and transport specialist, including the timeframe you set for pick up and drop off.

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