Canada To Michigan Auto Transport

Want to ship a car to Michigan but don’t know how or where to start? Well don’t fret, this guide will help you understand the process to book a car transport company and have a smooth Canada to Michigan auto transport process. So let’s get started:

Car Transport Service to Michigan:

Located at the northeastern side of the U.S, Michigan shares its land borders with Indiana and Ohio while the water boundary is conjoined with Wisconsin. The state has 83 counties and each of them has its own administrative county seat. Moreover, the counties are further divided into 276 cities and 277 villages. The state is easily accessible via airplane, train or even car which is why car transport companies can easily ship any vehicle there.

The state’s northern part is joined with the southern region via Interstate 69 and 75. The Eastern and Western sides are connected via interstate 94, 96 and 196. The vast network of roads and railways make it easy for transporters to navigate throughout the state. IF we talk about Canada to Michigan auto transport then the total distance is 1950km which is nothing for a professional car transporter, read on to know how to book one and more.

FAQs on Canada to Michigan Auto Transport:

How Can I Ship My Car From Canada to Michigan?

Canada to Michigan auto transport process is same as when you ship a car to a different state or city. You just need to find a well-reputed car transport company, ask them the car shipping cost and when you agree to the price, book their service. They will provide you with a date of pickup and that’s when their carrier will arrive at your place to get the car. This is as simple as that and we also work on the same process so our clients don’t have to do any time-consuming work.

What’s the Car Shipping Cost from Canada to Michigan?

The auto transport service cost varies from company to company and also the weight, and dimensions of your car and total transportation distance change the cost a lot. So transporting an SUV will cost you different than transporting a sedan. For Canada to Michigan auto transport, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1200. Precise estimate can of course be provided when you tell us the exact type of car you have and the addresses for pickup and drop off.

How Soon Can You Ship a Car From Canada to Michigan?

The total distance between both places is just 1950km so it won’t take a lot to get your car across to Michigan. We can provide you with a rough estimate of 2-3 weeks at most. Even if the weather causes delays, they won’t be too much.

How Do I Pay For My Canada to Michigan Car Shipping?

There are a range of options for you to pay for your Canada to Michigan auto transport. You can make payment via cash, debit card or even credit card. However, in case of credit card, you will have to make a full advance.



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