Canada To Florida Car Shipping

We offer top-class and unparalleled Canada to Florida car shipping service allowing you to safely get your car transported and with complete peace of mind. To know more about our premium auto shipping Canada to Florida service, read this article about car transport to Florida till the end.

Car Transport Service to Florida:

One of the most well-known states of the U.S mainly because of its beautiful beaches and attractions like the Disney World and Universal Studios. Florida shares its borders with the gulf of Georgia, Alabama, Mexico, Straits of Florida and Atlantic Ocean. It is the fourth most populated U.S state and it gets more populated in summer when people from around the country visit it for tourism purposes. Also known as ‘the sunshine state’, Florida’s capital is Tallahassee and Miami is known for the hotspot of tourists for its beaches and entertainment sites.

If we talk about car shipping Florida from Canada, then the total distance between both is 3720km which is a lot especially if you want to drive yourself as it will take you a few weeks to get there. Plus the cost of fuel, accommodation and dining coupled with the wear and tear of your car is not worth it. Therefore, car transport Canada to Florida service is your best bet.

FAQs on Canada to Florida Car Shipping:

How Can I Ship My Car From Canada to Florida?

There are three very short steps to this process which will not take you more than a few minutes. Here’s what you’ve to do; give us a ring and get auto transport Canada to Florida quote. Book our service by providing all necessary details of your car and the exact destination address. Prepare your car to be picked up on the scheduled date

This is pretty much it, once you are done with the third step, you just need to wait for the car to be delivered.

What’s the Car Shipping Cost from Canada to Florida?

The vehicle transport Canada to Florida cost is calculated based on the kind of car you have because the higher its weight and dimensions are, the more costly it will be. Plus, the more distance there is between the pickup and drop off point, the more it will add to the cost. However, to give you a general idea, expect the cost to be between the range $800 and $2000+. Give us a call for exact quote.

How Soon Can You Ship a Car From Canada to Florida?

It can take a few weeks to a month depending upon the condition of weather and how packed the roads are. Since the distance is a lot; 3700km to be exact, a few weeks is the bare minimum. But if you want to car to reach there quicker, you can always opt for air shipment but that will be very costly.

Should I Be Present For Pickup and Delivery?

It is better for you to be there and oversee the whole process but it is not necessary. You can just designate someone to be present for pickup and delivery and that’ll be fine as well.



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