Canada To Connecticut Car Shipping

Looking for car transport company to get Canada to Connecticut car shipping service? Well you are in luck because we offer auto transport service to all parts of the U.S. If you want to know more about car shipping to Connecticut, then read this article till the end.

Car Transport Service to Connecticut:

Bordered by Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Long Island, Connecticut lies in the middle of vast urban industrial complex and shares its coast with the Atlantic Ocean. The state has a mix of rural areas and coastal cities with several small towns. Plus, its attractions like Mystic Seaport Museum accommodates centuries-old structures of ships and a Beluga Whale can also be found in its giant aquarium.

If we talk about Canada to Connecticut car shipping then the distance between both is 2875 km which means if you drive the car by yourself there, it can take you around 5-7 days and the expenses of accommodation, fuel and dining will put a dent in your budget.

However, for a car transport company, covering this distance is like a walk in the park. Furthermore, if you ship a car using auto transport company, you will have a peace of mind knowing your car is safe. Plus, it won’t be subjected to massive wear and tear that would occur if you drive by yourself.

FAQs on Canada to Connecticut Car Shipping:

How Can I Ship My Car From Canada to Connecticut?

If you are working with us, then the process is very smooth. No need to sign piles of documents or wait for someone to get back to you about the booking process. Just give us a call, and get the free estimate on cost to ship a car from Canada to Connecticut. Then, when you are ready, book the shipping and we will pick up your car on the scheduled date; that’s pretty much it.

What’s the Car Shipping Cost from Canada to Connecticut?

There are two factors that affect the car shipping cost more than anything and they are; the type of car (sedan, coupe, SUV etc.) and the total distance from pickup point to the drop off location. In this case, the distance between Canada to Connecticut is around 2875km so the general idea of cost is $500 to $2000+ depending on your car type and the kind of service you need from us.

How Soon Can You Ship a Car From Canada to Connecticut?

Canada to Connecticut car shipping can take a few weeks mainly because the distance is over 2875km and the truck drivers drive with great care so that the cars onboard are not damaged. So the combination of long distance and careful driving can take a few weeks for your car to be delivered.

I Don’t Know the Exact Address, Can I Still Place Order?

Yes you can place the order. Just let us know the town or city and we will let you know the estimated cost to ship a car. Since the car transit takes a few days to weeks, you can figure out the exact address and we will drop the car there.



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